This Fleur de Sel hails from the salt marshes of the south coast of Brittany. Its snowy white crystals are highly prized by chefs. It is harvested in the traditional manner (by hand with a rake in the late afternoon when weather conditions are just right) and contains no additives.

This candy is made from almonds, honey, pistachios and egg whites and made in the town of Montélimar, which has been the capital of nougat production ever since the first almond trees were introduced into the Vivarais region in 1650.

Originally from Tunisia, this hot sauce made with vegetables and chiles seasoned with coriander, caraway and garlic is now produced in France.

Once you try this amazing whole-grained mustard from Meaux, you may never go back to Dijon! Mustard from Meaux has been served at the tables of French kings since 1632. The fig mustard, with 16% figs, is a wonderful melding of savory and sweet.

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Aux Anysetiers du Roy was first a restaurant located on Ile Saint-Louis, popular in the 1960s. Each pot of herbes de Provence contains a blend of thyme, basil, savory, fennel, and lavender flowers. The pots are made in a small village in the Drôme, near Valence.